"I have managed a diverse range of fund development programs over my career. As often as I could I instituted a planned giving cultivation program relying heavily on estate planning newsletters. They have proven to be enormously successful in engaging potential donors and securing valuable future gifts for these organizations. I have also regularly relied on Ed Sluga as a provider of services that works both for my budget and my approach. He has been an important partner in my planned giving programs since 1996."

- Jim Allen, Philanthropy Officer, The Living City Foundation, Toronto, ON

“Jim Hilborn and the Hilborn Group are driven by the values we cherish in philanthropy. My experience with the Hilborn Group is that it is driven by a desire to make a difference. It moves to places where there is heart, where there are opportunities to help those of us committed to creating a better world.”

- Tony Myers, Principal & Senior Counsel, Myers & Associates, Calgary, AB

“We, at Toronto United Church Council, have now worked with PGgrowth for four years, and I have appreciated the product of our joint labours. The knowledge that your team members have brought to the table contribute immeasurably to the quality of our communications. Most noteworthy is the effort that you have made to “get inside” our unique challenges and respond with the development of appropriate communications pieces. It has been important for us that the program be a non-aggressive one. We have achieved that, and appreciate the wise counsel that has got us here. Production values are always high with your team and that too is appreciated; I believe that those values have contributed to the success of our program.”

- James Patterson, Director, Resource Development, Toronto United Church Council, Richmond Hill, ON

"When it comes to Planned Giving, Doug Flanders 'gets it'. He has been in the revenue generation field for over 20 years and understands that charities differ in style and approach. Doug works collaboratively to help develop effective legacy giving programs to meet both donor and charity needs. And when it comes to developing resources, he is widely recognized as a seasoned presenter, writer, and editor specializing in all materials related to legacy giving. It has been an honour to work with Doug over the years, and to consider him a mentor and professional colleague."

- Kathryn Hofley, Financial Development Officer, The United Church of Canada

"Hiring PGgrowth was one of the first decisions I made in my new role at Hillfield Strathallan College. Due to the need to maintain a strong focus on the Capital Campaign and Annual Giving, our planned giving program was really in its infancy. We were looking for a way to jump start the program without hiring a full time staff person. Having PGgrowth on board allowed us to grow the program at a rapid pace. With the expert advice of a wonderful team who really know the planned giving discipline, we launched a program in a few months that would normally have taken us several years to deliver. Our lead staff person, who has a big portfolio already, has gained expertise, confidence and skill in an area that was brand new to her. PGgrowth is an outstanding investment in HSC's long term financial sustainabilty."

- Maryann Kerr, Former Director of Advancement, Hillfield Strathallan College.

“When we made the decision to advance our Planned Giving program we realized that we needed a full plan to truly benefit from this important fund generation program. Ed Sluga came in and quickly provided thoughtful insight and expert direction to move us forward and create a sustainable plan for the school. His experience is evident at every turn. I could listen to him talk about Planned Giving all day!”

- Theresa Butler-Porter, CFRE, Lakefield College School

"The Gift Planning community in Canada is great about books, courses and how-to-guides. There are many consultants to take you from good to great but who can help you create the structure from scratch, build the program and get out the door raising funds? No one but PGgrowth".

- Paul Nazareth, Vice President, Community Engagement, CanadaHelps

“Since joining Edward Pearce and the Planned Giving team at Queen’s University in 2004 I saw the benefit of the Queen’s Financial Planner which Ed started many years earlier. Our alumni seemed to enjoy reading the profiles, stories and the tax tips we offer and many would refer to our newsletter when we visited them in their homes. We are still producing this newsletter and our alumni seem to be enjoying it. We acquire many new prospects from it and hope to continue to yield great results. Our major gift officers take our newsletters with them for their visits as well so they can plant the seed of gift planning into the minds of their donors. We still enjoy great success from our newsletter even during this economic uncertainty and hope to continue in the future.”

- Faye Ransom, Acting Director/Gift Planning, Queen's University

“In 1990, I was charged with implementing and managing a comprehensive gift planning program at the University of Toronto. One key component was a regular newsletter we called Dividends, produced by The Hilborn Group and distributed to a peak of 20,000 alumni, donors, and friends of the University. Dividends was instrumental in a tenfold increase in future gifts over one year, and was invaluable in bringing the various colleges, schools, centres, and programs in a diverse and decentralized University into the program.”

- John Webster Hochstadt, Director, Planned Gifts & Bequests (1990-1994), University of Toronto