PGactivate is Canada’s first subscription base Planned Giving service. It is the most cost effective and accessible way to integrate and activate your own unique program of donor engagement and inspiration to create future gifts of support for your organization. No more working alone We’ll help you create your own comprehensive program supported by our PGgrowth Senior Consultants.  

No more wondering how you’re doing or what to do next Ask our unmatched expert consulting team of highly-experienced Planned Giving specialists a question — any question — and get the advice and direction you need to be successful. No more unanswered questions, impossible challenges or technical conundrums. Track your current pledges on the PGactivate dashboard, and project the results of your current program. Then take it another step, add historical data and create your own ten-year cash flow projection. 

YOUR Membership to PGactivate includes: 

1. A customized ‘PG Engagement’ DM package targeted at your best Planned Giving prospects 

  • A detailed data analysis to determine your best prospects. 
  • E-survey activation at the same time as the print package. 

2. Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions with a PGgrowth Senior Consultant 

  • Your PGgrowth Senior Consultant will work with you on a quarterly basis to assist in the long-term goals, objectves, tactics and measures to position your program. 
  • Discuss results, set priorities, discover best practices and benefit from years of technical expertise and practical knowledge. 

3. Monthly Mentorship Sessions with a PGgrowth Senior Consultant 

  • Monthly telephone meetings with your PGgrowth Senior Consultant to review program updates, tactical activity and next steps. 
  • Ask questions, prepare for donor visits, discuss estate adminstration issue and test potentilal tactics. YOUR expert will be there to help. 

4. Annual Staff Training Session for your fundraising staff 

  • A customized training session for your organization’s fundraising staff to educate and counsel in the ‘art and science’ of Planned Giving prospect engagement. 

PLUS exclusive additional Member Benefits: 

  • Ask the PGgrowth expert: We have over 200 years of combined experience. Email any of our consulting team and ask them any Planned Giving question.  
  • A projection of your Planned Giving opportunity and projected ten-year cash flow of what your organization could convert through its program.  
  • Our Essential Solutions Toolkit includes over 75 marketing documents and administrative forms to ensure your program handles all of its technical and administrative challenges easily. 
  • A customized Planned Giving Dashboard that provides a projection based on your current pledges. 
  • Your own Planned Giving Program Flowchart showing current and potential program activity to monitor program gaps and areas of enhancement. 
  • PG Quote of the Day: thoughtful and funny - an ‘insider’s’ view! 
  • PG CHAT - a great way to access all your fundraising colleagues. 
  • PG Career Board: A compilation of opportunities we find from across Canada. 
  • Planned Giving Events Notice Board and Pre-Registration for webinars, seminars and other PGgrowth events. 
  • Monthly webinars and podcasts on a wide range of Planned Giving topics led by PGgrowth experts. 
  • Exclusive access to ideas and articles on strategy, tactics, and skills. 
  • Discounts on our annual PGgrowth National Symposium on Planned Giving, and on books from Canada’s nonprofit sector publisher, Civil Sector Press, and special invitations to other exclusive industry events 

For more information, or to chat with us about this service, contact Ed Sluga at or Sara Moore at Or contact us Toll Free at 833-937-4438.