Individual Personal Solicitation delivers outstanding success … and fast!

Personal solicitation is the best way to obtain planned gift commitments. Not every organization, however, has the trained, experienced personnel to do the best job at this.

PGgrowth‘s consulting team includes some of Canada’s top leaders in the Planned Giving sector. One of us will work one-on-one with your significant supporters and volunteers, ‘asking’ for the gift and discussing the best way to structure it to meet the needs of both the donor and the organization.

This service includes:

  • Working with the organization to develop the best prospect list
  • Drafting the introductory letter to the prospects
  • Contacting and arranging for personal meetings
  • Attending one-on-one meetings (or with family and/advisors) to solicit and structure current and/or deferred planned gifts
  • Reporting meeting results to you for follow-up if required
  • Attending future meetings with the prospect if required
  • Reporting overall results

This service, offered by the senior practitioners of the PGgrowth team, will not only dramatically legitimize a planned giving program, but also deliver outstanding success very quickly. Our years of experience can speed you on your path to a Planned Giving program that works.

For more information, or to chat with us about this service, contact Ed Sluga at or Sara Moore at Or contact us Toll Free at 833-937-4438