Database audit and analysis

Every nonprofit database holds a wealth of information that can be expertly mined to reveal planned giving potential and highly-motivated individuals who will respond positively to the correct marketing and solicitation initiatives.

The key indicator of planned gift and bequest propensity is the presence of relationship between the individual prospect and the institution/cause/mission. This relationship, in broad terms, can be broken into four categories:

  1. Age

  2. Giving history: i.e. prospects will have demonstrated the strength of the relationship by their type, frequency, longevity and amount of past gift(s).

  3. Status history: i.e. prospects will have demonstrated relationship strength by the type of status their relationship merits, eg. “member”, “retired staff”, “volunteer”, “board member”, etc.

  4. Involvement history: i.e. prospects will have reflected relationship strength by the degree of involvement with the institution/cause/mission, e.g. event attendance, willing reception of communications, or any other involvement.

PGgrowth’s database analysis is different from every analysis available because it:

  1. is based on empirical data of hundreds of thousands of real-life transactions;

  2. accounts for all relational signals such as age, giving history, status, involvement, etc. that are present in a database and attributes actual, tested numerical propensity values to each involvement;

  3. produces a unique scoring value for each individual;

  4. provides baseline information to develop the most appropriate marketing tactic for every individual in the database; and

  5. projects actual, expected conversion rates for every marketing tactic for every individual.

PGgrowth staff are experienced planned giving professionals who know what to look for because we have done it successfully often before. Our years of experience can speed you on your path to a planned giving program that works.

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