Interactive Smart Website Package

It starts with a great offer. You simply have to provide valuable engagement opportunities for your supporters. Then, powerful tracking technologies let you monitor their real-time online activity, score their engagement based on where and how often they click, and automatically retarget those who can support your mission with the biggest gifts. Result? Less work, bigger gifts and a remarkable return on your investment.

Reaching major donors and major donor prospects isn’t easy. They’re busy, want convenience and transparency into your organization’s mission, and want to know what you are doing with their money! The MarketSmart solutions track major donors online. More engagement means you get bigger gifts, faster and more cost-efficiently.

Hardly anyone knows how to really affect planned giving revenues. But we know planned gift marketing and we have the case studies and testimonials to prove it. We know that some of your greatest obstacles are time, money, staffing and pressures from your leadership. So we help you do more than just succeed. We help you realize astounding results.!

The MarketSmart package is a revolutionary marketing software and services program that uses your enhanced website to help you raise more money more efficiently. The MarketSmart system uses Internet tracking technologies to build an ongoing interactive conversation with your supporters to help you zero in on the donors that are most likely to deliver large, major or legacy gifts.

MarketSmart works with PGgrowth in Canada because we’re the national consultancy that knows that successful fund development programs are built around a complex continuum of activities, approaches and communications. Your website is an increasingly important link in that web of connections, and, whether you’re big or tiny, we know how to ensure that it pulls its weight.

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