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Industry leading Planned Giving markeing and culitvation strategies including PGgrowth's foundational program - The Cycle of Cultivation 

The single most important contributing factor to the success of Planned Giving is the sense of identification that the donor has with your organization. Good communication is also a key factor in initiating and enhancing the understanding of the organization and its services by potential donors. These two elements allow you to inform potential donors about Planned Giving (a concept of which many are unaware) and how these types of gifts benefit both the donor and your charity.

PGgrowth offers two industry leading services to assist your Planned Giving program:

  1. PGengagement - PGgrowth's year-long Cycle of Cultivation™ program - includes cultivation and audit of your current program; cultivation strategy, packaging and implementation for ‘community’ engagement; a solicitation approach to your best potential planned gift donors; technical ‘Back Office’ support; and on-going consulting throughout. We do all the heavy lifting; you respond to the indications of interest.
  2. PGdirect - our targetted and expert prospect engagement service creating unique cutlivaiton/solicitation packages written and designed by our Planned Giving experts!

The Planned Giving relationship always begins by ensuring that your organization is ready to receive gifts of this kind. Communicating that you are worthy of and prepared for legacy gifts is a vital ongoing component of the process, and is achieved not only through regular stories of bequest donors, but also through article reports on how you are putting your funds to work for the benefit of the larger community. These articles are part of a larger, one-year-long structured and planned engagement of donors that includes one-, two-, three- and five-year program objectives, targeted tactics and measurable outcomes, the kind of planning crucial for successful long-term interaction with the donors in a ‘donor-centred’ framework.

To achieve this engagement with your donors to secure gifts, ongoing and expert marketing is essential. PGgrowth is THE leader in program messaging and donor cultivation. PGgrowth can achieve this for you through direct response - mail and e-cultivation - and through our unique ongoing cultivation programming.

At PGgrowth we know that successful fund development programs are built around a complex continuum of activities, approaches and communications. We have created successful planned giving programs for hundred of Canadian charities, and we know how to ensure that your program succeeds.

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