Ongoing senior support from our consultants can take you from novice to ace …

You know your organization is ready for a Planned Giving program and will benefit from one. You know the general basics of the idea, but of course ‘the devil is in the details’, and it’s true that successful Planned Giving demands a level of professional knowledge above the norm.

The simple solution: a period of senior mentoring from one of our team.

We’ll encourage, instruct, nurture, inspire and support you as you work your way towards a functioning program designed to secure major and legacy gifts. We’ll build on your strengths as you grow, and focus on program visibility and moving you to the one-on-one legacy ask through existing relationships.

We’ll provide the resources and hands-on mentoring tailored to your unique needs, whether you’re creating, launching or expanding your program. And we’ll focus on building the internal support you need to ensure that legacy giving becomes institutionalized at your nonprofit. We’ll monitor results and help you set goals for the number of one-on-one legacy asks made, the number of qualified leads obtained, and the number of confirmed gifts. We’ll be there with answers to all of your technical questions. And finally, we will use your time and ours wisely, with extensive use of phone and web meetings.

The senior mentoring services provided by the PGgrowth consulting team can move you on a rapid growth curve from a newbie and uncertain fundraiser to a competent and professional gift planner.

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