Donor Cultivation & Retention Newsletters

Your newsletter is the voice of your organization, telling stories that resonate with stakeholders; developing, maintaining and strengthening relationships; and solidifying engagement and interaction with your target audiences.

The newsletter remains the cornerstone of an integrated reader-centered brand publishing approach. A cost-effective way to achieve the marketing goals of any nonprofit, it also generates stakeholder engagement and involvement in your activities. Its objective: to reinforce the core values expressed in your Case for Support and Mission Statement, allowing donors and supporters to connect with you more closely. Your newsletter remains one of the best ways to engage your core audience — a widely-recognized best practice for charities.

Since the measure of a newsletter’s success is based on its ability to cultivate, sustain, maintain and strengthen relationships, careful preparation is a crucial element in every aspect of its production. For many, if not most charities, a newsletter is fundamental to both promoting the organization and creating synergy between its mission and the values and beliefs of the supporter.

Audience engagement depends on:

  • Attracting their attention to your mission;

  • Generating an ongoing interest in your activities and achievements,

  • Sparking a desire to do something more for you … now! … and

  • Leading them to act and participate in the cause … today.

At PGgrowth we know that successful fund development programs are built around a complex continuum of activities, approaches and communications. Your newsletter is an increasingly important link in that web of connections, and we know how to ensure that it pulls its weight.

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