Marketing/Solicitation Planning Tool

The PGplan Marketing/Solicitation Planning Tool works with the powerful PGdatascanscoring system to project marketing solicitation results in a real world environment. This interactive tool allows the client to plan a long-term marketing strategy deploying its own scoring results combined with a menu-driven selection of marketing tactics plotted over chosen years. It provides the opportunity to test out an infinite variety of scenarios over any time span using different target markets and different tactics.

This allows the client to fully develop its planned giving potential using the best tactic for the each target donor. It provides a planning mechanism with actual projected results to grow a planned giving program using the correct resources over the correct time frame. A PGgrowth senior consultant helps develop the best plan.

The PGplan Tool can be customized to include any unique marketing tactics the client specifies. There are eight standard tactics built in, but the PGgrowth team can add unique tactics and realistic conversion rates based on our over 150 years of experience.

This client-driven tool brings the PGdatascanscoring system to life as a powerful mechanism to strategically build a planned giving program over time to develop the latent potential in every database.


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