A ten-year snapshot of what your Planned Giving program can achieve

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing Planned Giving professionals is the long-term nature of the work. In fact, the fruits of most of your relationship building and nurturing will not be tasted for decades. With results so often far in the future, how can we look ahead? How can we forecast? Budget? Draw up plans?

The simple answer is PGgrowth. Charities with large databases can use our PGdatascan service, but even smaller charities can use our sophisticated PGprojection formulae to analyze the various aspects of their operation, and create detailed forecasts of costs, revenue and return on investment ten years into the future.

We’ll look at all the significant factors, big and small: average and median bequest revenue experience, bequest revenue growth rates, database size, bequest prospect list makeup and size, and more. The result: a ten-year projection, with different scenarios that you can present to your board and use to plan your Planned Giving activities with greater confidence in the outcome than ever before.

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