Recruiting Planned Giving Specialists

Hiring new staff is an additional time-consuming job for the not-for-profit professional. Finding suitable and qualified planned giving experts can be especially challenging and the implications of error to your organization can be serious. PGgrowth is here to help.

We offer a full range of services to ensure you find the person with the best skills and right fit for the work you need done. We can help you prepare position descriptions and job postings (both internal to your organization and externally), and work with you in the overall candidate interview process. From seeking out good candidates in the field, short-listing applicants, preparing interview questions, to sitting in on the interview process itself, we are here for you every step of the way

PGgrowth staff are experienced planned giving professionals who know what they’re doing because they have done it successfully often before. Our years of experience can make your working life in your search and selection processes easier, and deliver results you can depend on.

For more information, or to chat with us about this service, contact Mary Singleton at 416.267.1287 or, or Jim Hilborn at 416.345.9403 or