Website Review & Detailed Analysis

We’re often asked to ‘take a look at our website’, and with good cause. In fact, many organizations fall down when it comes to using their website effectively to support their planned giving efforts.

We can take a hard look at the planned giving content of your website, and point out all the simple, and a few more sophisticated, ways to use it to strengthen your program. We’ll look into ways to generate more interaction with your supporters, evaluate the technical elements of your site that work best with search engines, and will use website analytic tools to look at Page Rankings, website traffic, keywords, advertisements, links, social media. We’ll consider accessibility, search engine optimization … and much more.

To take you to the next level, we’ll introduce you to the MarketSmart package, a revolutionary marketing software and services program that uses your enhanced website to help you raise more money more efficiently. The MarketSmart system uses Internet tracking technologies to build an ongoing interactive conversation with your supporters to help you zero in on the donors that are most likely to deliver large, major or legacy gifts.

At PGgrowth we know that successful fund development programs are built around a complex continuum of activities, approaches and communications. Your website is an increasingly important link in that web of connections, and we know how to ensure that it pulls its weight.

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