Expert and customized solutions to enhance your planned giving program and your professional career

Benefits to you

  • Access to Canada’s national team of planned giving experts.
  • Unmatched skills, knowledge and experience in planned giving in Canada.
  • Industry leading tools and methods that help develop integrated programs.
  • Thought leaders and sector innovators that are available to enhance your program and career.

PGgrowth is much more than a marketing company

We are the only cross-Canada team of full-time, long-term planned giving and communications professionals who focus on all aspects of your program plan. And we are here to help you throughout the process. Our marketing campaigns secure the success of your planned giving program over the long-term in the most cost-effective way. How do we do that?

We understand how to work within your development program 

Every organization has targeted resources — both in staff time and budgeted costs — to its legacy giving activities. PGgrowth understands the long-term nature of the process, which is why we focus on specific targeted donor life stages and enhance the process by overlaying the traditional donor pyramid. We focus on the best current relationships that are closest to realization, thus compressing the duration of stewardship activities. 

We understand that planned giving is a giving opportunity for everyone 

The campaign process of many direct-mail based planned gift donor solicitation models — as with all campaign models — can run counter to establishing a program that is part of the ongoing development continuum. The need to move supporters through the various stages of the donor pyramid is vital to true planned gift success. The incremental advances in philanthropy that donors make allow us to connect with them when inspiration, donor life stage and advancements through the donor pyramid intersect. 

We know what works. How we can help market your planned giving campaign:


We can help you identify any gaps in your marketing program. Whether you need one pagers, ads, brochures or a more sophisticated campaign, we can help you identify it, articulate it and design it.  


A case for support is an emotional story. We will help you identify the rationale for an estate gift for your organization, and help you create an emotional and compelling campaign that will fit within the framework of a larger strategic plan, but have its own narrative.


The use of a video on your site triples the likelihood that your prospects will understand and retain important planned giving concepts. Friendly, donor-centric planned giving videos will help you to reach out to your prospects as never before. In fact, compelling audio messaging can explain planned giving in a way that gets you the most results by demanding the least of your supporters. In this increasingly visual world, the traditional written word will by necessity continue to give up room to other more viscerally powerful forms of communication. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-made video that focuses on themes that touch your supporters and prospects is worth a hundred thousand. Our PGgrowth consulting team will work with you and a video production team to add this powerful tool to your fund development mix.


Your website is an increasingly important link in that web of connections, and we know how to ensure that it pulls its weight.

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