An estate giving professional program review level-sets your program

Benefits to you

  • The executive director and additional professional fundraisers can respond to boards with strategic plans for enhancing the revenue stream
  • Your program will strategically grow with best-practices to higher levels. 
  • Direction is provided for every area of the estate giving program. Solutions are provided for the gaps that may exist and areas for strengthening are identified. 
  • Clear fundraising and strategic plans, as well as resource deployment strategies, are effectively and accurately set to increase revenues in your estate giving program – the best source of unrestricted funds. 

Imagine revenue shortfalls are a thing of the past because your estate giving program has been optimized. But how? Now, imagine that your organization’s estate giving program has all of the elements in place and is running efficiently and effectively. Your program is achieving the growth and results you’d like and expect. Sure. But where should you begin? 

You may have some pieces in place but those pieces have never been measured or evaluated. This might be a great time to re-evaluate and to level-set the program. The best way to optimize your program is to have highly experienced, objective professionals perform a review; or, if you don’t have an existing program, then a PGreview of your organization’s readiness will be indispensable. 

To accommodate all types of organizations at different stages of program development, PGgrowth has developed a complete and comprehensive seventeen-element review. Three different levels are available. Which level is best to achieve your goals? 

All of these benefits, and more, offer real solutions that benchmark your organization’s estate giving program, and it starts with a PGreview. 

Review Elements 

Sample elements at the three levels of review: 


What you can expect from the PGreview team:

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