LIVE TOWN HALL – Recession Proofing Your Fundraising: Lessons learned from the last global crisis

Thursday, February 16, noon to 1 pm EST – Online

Join Ed Sluga, PGgrowth’s President and Managing Consultant, for a frank discussion about fundraising in an economic downturn.

What do you need to know? What do you need to tell your board or staff? And how do you acknowledge this with donors, but not simply throw up your hands and walk away?

In 2020 we held a town hall style webinar focusing on what pivots were required as the world descended into lockdown due to Covid 19. Now, three years later, we’ll revisit that conversation and highlight organizations who successfully pivoted and organizations that didn’t – and what held them back. We’d love to hear your experiences – drawing on the wisdom of the community is one of our key learnings here at PGgrowth.

This town hall conversation is one of the perks of belonging to our Strategic Philanthropy Resource Library, a timeless collection of planned giving education seminars. For the month of February, when you register for this seminar, you’ll have access to the library for free. Whether you are run a small shop or a sophisticated planned giving program, you’ll find the answers that you need to make planned giving a sustainable foundation for your organization’s mission.

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