About Us

PGgrowth is the only national team of Canadian fundraising professionals focusing on all aspects of strategic philanthropy.

PGgrowth was founded in August 2010 as a partnership between James Hilborn and Ed Sluga, CFRE. Its initial objective was to provide support to Canadian charities in the stewardship of their donors and supporters to consider naming the charity in their will.

PGgrowth is a unique consulting company. We have the industry experts as part of our national team with over 400 years of combined direct fundraising experience. Most importantly, when we work with a client we focus on their needs and find customized solutions to build their strategic philanthropy programs.


PGgrowth was founded

In August 2010 PGgrowth was founded as a partnership between James Hilborn and Ed Sluga, two highly respected and recognized names in planned giving within Canada.


Building with industry experts

PGgrowth begins expansion of services building on its initial success providing great resources and counsel to the fundraising sectors.


Building our team

PGgrowth expands our team of industry leaders with Canadian experts and expands our offering of services and tools to support planned giving in Canada.


One of a kind services for strategic philanthropy in Canada

PGgrowth becomes the recognized leader in strategic philanthropy in Canada that covers the new reality of leadership, major and estate gifts.

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Number 1

PGgrowth is Canada’s premiere fundraising consulting firm focusing on strategic philanthropy 

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From Coast to Coast

We have consultants across Canada, in Vancouver, Calgary, London, Waterloo, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal

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Innovative Product and Service Areas

The PGgrowth suite of services are solution focused and customized for your organization helping you grow your planned giving program, comprehensive campaign, or fundraising department

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Leading Consultants

The PGgrowth team are leaders in their field and together we have over 400 years of combined experience



We commit to conducting ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest professional and personal ethical standards. We see this as a responsibility to ourselves and our sector.


We contribute to and learn from a fundraising sector that focuses on evidence-based, donor-centred practices and techniques. While we seek new innovation opportunities, we keep our fingers on the pulse of what works over time.


We place the needs of our clients at the centre of our work, being flexible and patient when real life happens, while maintaining focus on the desired outcome of our work together. Our consultants maintain and sustain connection with our clients over many years.


We work towards improvements in capacities, capabilities and knowledge for our clients. We see success as providing solutions and results that support the mission-based work of our clients that is necessary for real change and impact.


We look to the long-term. We may work in our own company and with our clients to address short-term needs, but constantly return to education and practices that are consistent with a sustainable future.

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