Ed Sluga, CFRE

President & Managing Consultant

Guelph, ON

Ed Sluga is one of Canada’s most experienced planned giving professionals and is also co-founder of PGgrowth. An innovator and thought leader in the sector for over 25 years, Ed has helped hundreds of organizations develop and benefit from long-term, sustainable and proactive fundraising and planned giving programs. Focusing on developing organizational structures and operations so that they are positioned to experience success for the long-term, Ed’s chief motivation is helping organizations achieve the goals of their mission within their communities.

Ed has an unmatched perspective on the development and planned giving approaches available to organizations. Ed is the co-author of Worthy and Prepared along with Peter Barrow, host of the PGgrowth Planned Giving Podcast, Professor with the Humber College Fundraising Management Program and a regular presenter of the AFP Fundraising Fundamentals Course.

Contact Ed

Telephone: (833) 937-4438 ext. 1 or email [email protected]

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