Jasmine Sweatman

Senior Consultant

Oakville, ON

Jasmine Sweatman is Principal of Sweatman Charities Consultants and Senior Partner of Sweatman Law Firm with offices in Ontario. Throughout her career, she has championed charities by sharing her legal knowledge, providing them with advice and fighting for them in the courtroom. Jasmine strives to ensure that estate trustees respect charitable organizations chosen as beneficiaries. She is passionate about educating charities so they know their rights.

Jasmine is a Certified Specialist in Estates and Trusts Law and holds various other professional designations as a trusts and estates practitioner and in the field of elder law. She proudly sponsors the Sweatman Award, given annually to a key volunteer of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners in the Toronto area. She is the author of Bequest Management for Charitable Organizations as well as Powers of Attorney and Capacity.

Contact Jasmine

Email [email protected] for more information on how to reach Jasmine directly.

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