Our signature PGcycle program is designed to operate on three one-year cycles, during each of which we move you through one complete Cycle of Cultivation involving the following four key components:

1. Consultation and audit of your current program — we will identify the next steps for prospects, those with interest and those with intent from previous campaigns. PGgrowth will:

  • Provide expertise in the creation and approval of a fully-integrated and truly donor-centred planned giving program for your organization
  • Provide expertise in prospect identification, auditing the current database of legacy prospects, reviewing the content of your web site, and conducting a review of measurable goals to help establish the approach of the cultivation cycle
  • Help establish both a baseline of prospects and internal targets using your donor base community as the foundation on which to establish appropriate metrics
  • Understand capacity gaps and propose sector best practice approaches to ensure that all external outreach can be managed internally
  • Provide full day of on-site consulting/training with your organization staff
  • Develop a five-year development plan, drawing on advanced marketing techniques and leading donor engagement and stewardship concepts; 
  • Introduce survey design and implementation of other advanced marketing methods to generate more leads and donor discoveries

2. Cultivation strategy, packaging and implementation for community engagement. Anyone can make a planned gift but cultivation steps must be taken to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do so. PGgrowth will: 

  • Review your current approach to cultivation and provide sector-wide benchmarks 
  • Implement an integrated approach of data-mining, focusing on the life-stage movement of donors through the various levels of the donor pyramid and coordinating this activity with the phone/mail campaign focused on legacy giving recently operated for your organization 
  • Suggest enhancements to your current cultivation practices using our experience with successful programs from across the sector, ensuring that all sectors of your team are engaged to participate in the program 
  • Use PGgrowth’s sub-segmentation coding to provide micro-marketing strategies for those that self-identify through the cultivation process coordinating this with the varying levels of prospects, interest and intent established through the recent phone/mail campaign 
  • Produce two annual marketing/cultivation pieces, each created, researched, written and designed specifically for your organization, delivered according to the agreed-upon schedule ready-to-print, and targeted at bequest prospects 
  • Institute a web-based e-survey to reach the 2,000+ donors with emails captured by your organization to start and re-start discussion with those closest to your organization 
  • Suggest other cultivation approaches not being utilized currently by the program 
  • Help monitor activity and create, with the assistance of your organization staff, measurable results (or KPIs) to best follow, record and reports program activity 

3. Solicitation approach to your best potential planned gift donors. We will assist you in enhancing the relationship with donors through an invitation to advance the conversation about creating a legacy. PGgrowth will: 

  • Audit current approaches and results against our benchmarks for positive response 
  • Develop a solicitation culture to focus outreach on those most likely to create a legacy gift by moving donors from ‘prospects’ to ‘suspects’ and by providing a way for donors to tell you more about what they hope to accomplish through their philanthropy 
  • Create a customized planned giving ‘Ask’ for select prospects, scheduled and produced to meet all your organization requirements, setting the stage to ‘close’ gifts 
  • Develop individual strategies to continue the conversation — dialogue — throughout the process from inspiration to action (creation of a gift for your organization), and then, by maintaining the relationship in the long term, on to realization 

4. Planned giving back office support. This incredible value includes: 

  • Weekly schedule mentorship calls to assist in the engagement of the program as well as provide best practice advice and experience to your organization staff operating the daily planned giving activities 
  • The technical resources in the Essential Solutions Toolkit, a massive compilation of online marketing tools to ensure that your program is easily understood internally and externally 
  • A wide range of topic-specific estate, financial and gift planning information in the form of articles, booklets, brochures, reply cards and more to be used as follow-up materials to help the moves management of bequest prospects.

Below are some examples of cultivation pieces that are part of our our PGcycle package. Each one is written and designed specifically for your organization and is consistent with your messaging and brand guidelines.

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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