An industry leading approach to understanding the value of planned gifts in your donor base

Benefits to you

  • An estate giving database analysis reframes your business
  • The professional can respond to boards with strategic business models that link database value with concrete, predictable revenue streams
  • The analysis invites strategic pipeline thinking that allows for heightened efficiency, linking the right cultivation/solicitation tactic with the right donor
  • The relationship value markers for each individual can feed the leadership and major gifts pipelines by providing a strength of relationship score
  • The analysis and pipeline metrics create clear KPI’s, benchmarking goals and performance for management and the practitioner
  • The pipeline models have deliberate steps to follow which take all the guesswork out of building a best-practice estate giving business
  • Clear business models create strong arguments for resource deployment to increase revenues in the only underdeveloped area of fundraising – estate giving – often the best source of unrestricted funds

All donors are taken on a journey with a charitable organization. This journey often reflects the quality and depth of their relationship with the organization from enhanced annual gifts, to larger current gifts and finally to an estate gift. When we intentionally work to move that journey along, we call it a pipeline. However, for estate gifts themselves we rarely, proactively move prospects through a step-by-step pipeline. 

In our industry, we contend that the reason for the stubborn revenue gap between estate gift potential (30% to 40% of the adult population) and actual fulfilment (10% to 12%) happens because we do not consider estate giving a pipeline business. But it is. And by not considering it as such we under-develop the full potential. This perspective represents the maturing of estate giving as part of the whole philanthropic business which fundraising professionals call planned Giving.

Your organization’s greatest asset in the philanthropic business is your donor database. It holds and records a donor’s behaviour over time that reflects the value of the relationship that donor has. This value when correctly interpreted, can accurately estimate estate gift propensity. 

Imagine if you could have a precise relationship value score for every individual in your database. What could you do with that information and how would your estate giving efforts change?

Predictive Cultivation/Solicitation Tool 

The relationship value alone is not worth much if you cannot act on it. However, PGgrowth provides a simple-to-use tool that is used to set up a highly predictive, estate giving pipeline with clear metrics.

This tool allows you to strategically plan different cultivation/solicitation tactics to assess real-life outcomes. PGdatascan methodology uses raw data collected from asking hundreds of thousands of individuals for an estate gift. It uses every data point available in the database to create individual relationship values; information such as, status of donors, various involvement factors, and age if available. Factors are scored with donors fitting into score bands and assembled into a powerful dashboard. The result is a predictive tool that allows the fundraising professional to build a multi-year pipeline plan to develop full estate gift potential efficiently. Once a cultivation/solicitation tactic is decided upon, a simple query of the scores gives you the list of prospects to engage. 

All of these benefits, and more, offer solutions to what boards, management and practitioners want. It starts with a deep and penetrating look at your organization’s database with PGdatascan. Below is an example of a PGdatascan. 

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