Effective, efficient estate administration

Estate administration is the process of interacting with executors, estate trustees, trust officers, lawyers and other professionals and families in the settling of estates wherein a charity is a beneficiary. It’s a changing and increasingly challenging discipline. Families and caregivers of deceased donors are now often challenging charity bequests, and at the same time charities in many provinces now have a fiduciary duty to defend the donor’s wishes. 

The effective estate administrator will need to have a range of correct and up-to-date policies and procedures in place. They’ll need a checklist of legal and administrative steps and decisions that need to be made. Filing and note-taking procedures must be in place and observed. And of course, well before the bequest actually takes place, a well-executed donor and family stewardship program, in which both the donor and the family are fully appreciated, recognized and clear about the gift, is the best way to avoid problems when the gift is realized. 

The estate administration and management services provided by the PGgrowth consulting team can free you to engage with supporters, and give you the confidence that all of the technical and administrative challenges and requirements are being quietly and competently met and satisfied.

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