Preparing for the ask

Prospect research is not just for your major giving prospects. If you’re about to ask your donors for their ultimate gift, their planned gift, don’t you need to know as much as possible about them other than what’s in your database? Proper research that includes wealth indicators (such as real estate, shareholdings, executive compensation and gifts to other organizations) and other relevant information can help to guide you to a more informed and targeted successful ask.

We work with your development team to outline your planned giving goals and, using those prospects identified for your program, do intensive research to properly prepare you for the ask. In addition, those prospects that are also suitable for a major giving ask will be flagged for appropriate solicitation.

Research services include:

  • Qualification snap-shot profiles
  • Full prospect profiles
  • High-level record research screen and rating
  • Customized on-site or online research training
  • Monthly research retainer service

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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