The key to long-term retention

There is no greater tool available to a fundraiser than recognition of a donor’s generosity. The words “thank you” go a long way towards building relationships with donors and setting the stage for future gifts.  Recognition is a key element of any planned giving program.

But fundraisers must also view stewardship in the planned giving context as a pledge retention program. Each gift created — whether known or unknown — is a pledged gift for the future. For most organizations, these pledges are for (in dollar terms) major gifts.

The PGgrowth planned giving pledge program is not only a way of saying thank you and ensuring that gifts pledged eventually become gifts realized; it is also a way of raising sights, of getting prospects to consider making larger contributions and cultivating those ideas and concepts for the future. The job of fundraising staff doesn’t end once a person agrees to support the organization — it has really just begun.

As with the position of the planned giving program within the larger processes of a fully integrated development program, the activities of the pledge retention program — stewardship — for planned gifts should develop as a natural extension of the recognition done for other types and levels of giving. One of the most important ways to keep funds coming and increase giving levels, ultimately culminating in a planned gift, is to promote a positive and progressive recognition relationship between donors and your organization.

This stewardship service, offered by the senior practitioners who make up the PGgrowth team, will secure the ongoing success of your planned giving program. Our years of experience can speed you on your path to a planned giving program that works, short, medium and long-term.

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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