Empowering your knowledge and skills to engage your prospects and secure gifts

Benefits to you

  • Your team is ready to close gifts effectively, boosting current and deferred revenue. 
  • Your pipelines in leadership, major and estate gifts flow to completion because these gifts almost always require a personal exchange with the donor. 
  • Your donor feels respected, listened to, and empowered. This experience will further deepen the relationship between your organization and your donor and can potentially lead to more gifts. 
  • The training of your volunteers and board members to have the simplest conversations will make them excellent ambassadors and start the Philanthropic Cycle
  • You will know that you have a best-in-class fundraising program. 

Imagine how you would feel as a fundraising professional if you, your team, and your board and volunteers knew the exact process and words to use in every philanthropic dialogue with your organization’s donors and prospects. 

In philanthropy, or planned giving, almost every gift is secured by personal engagement with the prospective donor. While some gifts fall into our laps, many of the complex leadership, major and estate gifts we need to secure have an essential final step – the ask! 

Where and when do we receive training as professional fundraisers to engage in these, often, delicate conversations that allow the prospect or donor to express his/her philanthropic intent while moving through a complex decision cycle? 

There is training to deploy many of our tactics in our industry but there is actually very little essential training available on how to engage in meaningful dialogue with our prospects that secure gifts. 

PGgrowth has partnered with the founders and creators of the Empowerment Dialogue approach to provide training opportunities to clients across Canada – professional fundraisers and their teams of all backgrounds. 

Training workshops and seminars guide participants through simple, practical steps of having “empowering dialogues” with prospects and donors that secure current and estate gift commitments at the highest possible rate. 

What participants can expect: 

  • To naturally empower prospects and donors to do only what they want to do. 
  • To use real-world dialogues – the actual words – in a safe laboratory style environment. 
  • To use dialogues that are guided by simple, delicately placed, open-ended questions and active listening. 
  • To hone their personal skills and learn the actual language to use to move the prospect or donor through the Philanthropic Decision Cycle. 
  • To better understand and put into practice the various gift types and their benefits to prospects and donors. 
  • To leave ready to engage and confidently secure gifts immediately. 

Training Solutions: 

  • Asking for the gift – current, leadership, major and/or estate gift 
  • Personal soft-skills: training enhancement and strengthening of soft-skills 
  • Canadian charitable tax training: understanding tax implications and benefits to donors 

Who would benefit from PGtraining? 

  • Any fundraising professional – new or seasoned 
  • Board members; fundraising committee members; other volunteers 
  • Fundraising team members who encounter donors or prospects during their workday 

Length of workshops and seminars available: 

  • Up to 2 full days 
  • Customized to suit your organization’s needs 

All of these benefits, and more, offer real solutions that elevate your organization’s total fundraising program, and it starts with PGtraining. 

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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