PGgrowth Symposium 2022

Navigating the planned giving landscape

Elevate your planned giving program to new heights of capacity and sustainability from where you are right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 9 am to 4 pm, at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto

We all know that the Canadian landscape of nonprofits covers a wide variety of organizations, including national to local, fully staffed to one-person shops, and fully developed databases to detailed spreadsheets. Yet we often speak of planned giving programs as if they are one-size fits all, a viewpoint which limits some organizations and overwhelms others. 

Our national team has drawn upon their experience and come together with a roadmap to determine how to locate your planned giving program as it is today, and what the route might be for your organization to fully realize your strategic philanthropy potential. Join us to hear several experts share practical tools to move yourself and your organization forward.

Who should attend

  • VPs of Development or Philanthropy
  • CFOs
  • Directors of Major Giving/Campaigns
  • Major Giving/Campaigns Managers and Officers
  • Directors of Planned Giving
  • Planned Giving Professionals

Learning objectives

Understand the landscape of planned giving programs.
What does a national organization need? A local organization? Would your program be considered an active one or a passive one? Look beyond benchmarking your organization against your peers and start to understand what is the right fit for YOUR organization.

Assess your organization’s planned giving maximum velocity.
What could you expect if your program was optimized? This conversation explores your database, and then goes further.

Bring your leadership along for the ride.
How do you make change happen at your organization? No matter where you fall in the organizational chart, we’ll offer concrete strategies to influence others and set your whole team up for success.

Own your position in the driver’s seat.
Have you got the strategic philanthropy knowledge and skills to match your professional abilities to your organization’s need? Understand what’s required of today’s fundraiser to ensure the needs of the donor and the organization are both attended to along the journey.

Our speakers


$147 per person. Pricing includes lunch as well as beverages & snacks at breaks. Limited seats available. Please read our cancellation & refund policy.


This is an in-person event and there is NO online access. If remote access is important to you, consider registering for our Premium Resource Library for a distance-friendly learning option this year.

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8:45 am
Registration opens with coffee, tea and pastries available.  

9:15 am
Welcome and setting the stage:

What does the landscape of planned giving programs look like today? How to set your sights to reach new heights. Ed Sluga, CFRE

9:30 am
First plenary:
What is the best practice for your organization? Understanding the nature of your organization’s program. Ed Sluga, CFRE

10:15 am
Break and huddles with PGgrowth Consultants.

10:30 am
Second plenary:
How to develop a program to maximize YOUR opportunity. Ken Ramsay

11:45 pm
Lunch and roundtables with PGgrowth Consultants.
Lunch will be served buffet style with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available.

12:45 pm
Third plenary:
From where you stand: How to engage with your stakeholders and others and develop your own professional skills. Peggy Killeen, CFRE

1:45 pm
Break and huddles with PGgrowth Consultants.

2:00 pm
Fourth plenary:
Next Level Skills: Understanding the nature of the strategic philanthropy of blended gifts. Grant Monck, LL.B.

3:00 pm
Table discussions:
Access a PGgrowth consultant to take what you’ve learned and figure out next steps for you and your organization.

3:45 pm
Closing & goodbye


Join us at the Royal Canadian Military Institute at 426 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.  

Dress code is Business Casual.

Getting there

St. Patrick Station is located 43 metres north of the Royal Canadian Military Institute and is approximately a one minute walk.

Parking options

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