The Strategic Philanthropy Seminar Series 2021–22 Bundle: Leadership + Foundations Series (Organizational Membership)


This season we are pleased to present two options in our Strategic Philanthropy Seminar Series, the Leadership Series and the Foundational Series. This bundled membership includes unique log-ins for three or more individuals at the same organization to attend 6 live seminars held over the 2021-22 season, plus access to our premium resource library, which includes the recording of each seminar once they are completed, previous years’ seminars, templates and samples focused on building an integrated planned giving program. These resources will include those suitable for organizations just starting out, as well as those geared toward senior professional in the field.

As Canada’s senior consultants in planned giving, PGgrowth brings unmatched experience and expertise to these highly informative seminars. With real time case studies and follow up templates, resources and working documents, you will leave with an understanding of how to immediately lead your strategic philanthropy program to new levels of excellence.

Leadership in strategic philanthropy series: Shifting from planned giving to gift planning

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Series details:

Leadership Seminar 1

Being at the table: Strategic gift planning partnerships with your donor

October 21, 2021, 12 pm–1:30 pm EDT via Zoom

What does it mean to be at the table? What skills does a director of planned giving need to have? How can we be proactive and advocate with our donors to be philanthropic advisors? This seminar will be a panel presentation of our experts in strategic philanthropy.

Your presenters: Ed Sluga, Ken Ramsay, Grant Monck, Peggy Killeen

Leadership Seminar 2

The essential interpersonal skills to engage in the strategic philanthropy conversation

January 20, 2022, 12 pm–1:30 pm EST

What are the skills needed to be at the table? What capacities should senior fundraising staff be able to harness to help their organization operate at the level of gift planning vs. planned giving?

Your presenters: Ken Ramsay, Peggy Killeen, Rob Henderson

Leadership Seminar 3

Understanding the gift planning process: How to skillfully use gift vehicles to facilitate strategic philanthropy

March 10, 2022, 12 pm–1:30 pm EST

This seminar will use in-depth case studies to present various gift vehicles available to the strategic gift planner. If you’ve ever wondered about the intricacies of gift structures, this seminar is for you.

Your presenters: Grant Monck & Doug Puffer


Foundations of strategic philanthropy series: The inner workings of a proactive integrated planned giving program

Read more detailed descriptions of each seminar.

Series details:

Foundations Seminar 1

What is a truly proactive planned giving program? And where do you start?

November 18, 2021, 12 pm–1:30 pm EST

Our experience over time has helped the PGgrowth team develop a very clear understanding of what it takes to create a planned giving program at a charitable organization. While implementing marketing materials or short-term campaigns will bring in some results, to create a self-sustaining pipeline of planned gifts, a full program is absolutely necessary.

Your presenters: Ed Sluga & Neil Williams

Foundations Seminar 2

Considering and creating your integrated planned giving program, part 1: How do we engage with staff and board stakeholders?

February 10, 2022, 12 pm–1:30 pm EST

This seminar is all about the internal workings of an effective planned giving program. We know that we’re not supposed to be fundraising in a silo, but what are the organizational processes and structures that are needed to support a robust planned giving pipeline at a nonprofit organization?

Your presenters: Linda Henry & Jane Jamieson

Foundations Seminar 3

Considering and creating your integrated planned giving program, part 2: How do we engage with our donors and their gifts?

April 21, 2022, 12 pm–1:30 pm EST

This seminar focuses on how we represent our planned giving program activities with our donors. The planned gift requires a relationship orientation, as opposed to a transactional orientation. Keeping up sustained engagement with donors for many years (and with their estate after their death) may seem overwhelming for organizations with very little staff support. Learn from our seasoned experts how to develop a program built on best practices and strategic decision making.

Your presenters: Colleen DeJager & Peggy Killeen

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