Making your working life easier with a big head start: The Essential Solutions Toolkit©

Planned giving is about engaging, educating and inspiring donors to take action around your mission, and fundraising is about achieving realistic revenue goals within time, money and resource constraints.

Developed by team member Colleen Bradley, the Essential Solutions Toolkit© helps you successfully overcome the frustrating technical and administrative obstacles holding you back, and gives you the tools you need to develop a dynamic and proactive planned giving program.

Colleen’s kit includes over 75 marketing documents and administrative forms (in both Word and Excel) that your organization needs to get into action. Marketing tools, donor letters, templates, policies, plans, budgets, reports and forms to ensure your program works internally and externally.

Need to send some planned giving information to a donor? Present to your board? Set up a charitable gift annuity? Create a gift acceptance policy? Just insert your organization’s logo, contact information and branding statements where indicated, make any changes you wish, and you are ready to go! These handy templates, tested in focus groups and through donor interactions over a 25-year period, are available outside the PGgrowth services at a fraction of the cost of developing each one from scratch.

Consider the cost savings in time, effort, information gathering and the printing of marketing materials on your own! Everything is done! And you have the hands-on support expertise of our team when you need it.

PGgrowth consultants are experienced planned giving professionals who know what they’re doing because they have done it successfully often before. Our years of experience — in the form of The Essential Solutions Toolkit© — can make your working life easier by allowing you to deal quickly and easily with the dozens of daily roadblocks that slow you down.

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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