Database structure and coding determine success for planned giving

The database is the beating heart of every fundraising organization. Most current databases use a flexible architecture that lets the user design their own unique application. This design can be a powerful tool, allowing you to customize a fundraising program to best fit your organization.

In most cases, however, the design of the planned giving coding is not well thought-out. The following goals should be realized:

  • The database should produce simple, accurate reports on all aspects of the planned giving program — for both received gifts and expectancies
  • The database should capture all steps in the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of all planned giving prospects and donors
  • The database should delineate all the important steps in estate administration including relationship tracking with the remaining family where appropriate.

Proper configuration of the database allows an organization to report accurately and comprehensively on the Planned Giving program to senior management and volunteers. This will “demystify” planned giving and give it the solid parameters of a strong, positive business model.

PGgrowth‘s team of senior database practitioners will engineer the best Planned Giving architecture for your database. Our consultants are experienced planned giving professionals who know what’s needed in your database because they’ve built dozens before. Our years of experience can speed you on your path to a Planned Giving program that works.

For more information, or to speak with us directly about this service, contact us.

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