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The Planned Giving Cycle of Cultivation

Identify, Educate, Cultivate…Ask

Planned Giving is about reaching out and connecting with those donors closest to your organization. It is about inspiring them to include a gift in their estate plan to support the important work of your organization and providing information for them on how to make that happen.

The PGgrowth solicitation method focuses on presenting your donors with inspiring stories and information about charitable giving through estate planning. It provides them with the opportunity to partner with you to advance your mission and achieve their goals. Our approach is to set the stage for people to express their philanthropic dreams through their very personal gift.

Our expertise and experience make PGgrowth unique. With over 150 years of combined experience in Planned Giving, our experts are noted leaders in the field. Better yet, like you, we understand what it is like to do the work to gain the privilege to sit across from a donor to ask them to include a gift of support in their estate plan. We understand that donors wish to make a real difference – a transformational difference – in their community.

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But how can you do this cost effectively and efficiently?

A proven approach that works

It is more than direct mail, it is donor engagement. Our proven integrated donor cultivation and planned gift solicitation Cycle of Cultivation direct response service does the work for you. Tested and refined over decades, it has been proven effective with hundreds of organizations we have worked with. We identify, cultivate and ask your best prospects annually. We provide a focused program that includes prospect identification, donor inspiration and solicitation. It is a process that takes place over a one-year period, and can be repeated every year with different prospects being asked at the end of each annual cycle.

Inspiring your donors is important but it is only the first step to securing a gift. We are different because we understand the process from prospect identification to closing the gift. And we are there with you throughout the process. To learn more click here.


Planned Giving…or Bequest Program or Legacy Program? What’s the right term? The name that you use to describe your program to inspire donors to establish tax wise gifts of support through their financial and estate plan is a reflection of your organization and the community it serves. You understand what resonates best with the people that believe in your mission and cause. So, you can choose any of these terms or develop your own. We call it Planned Giving mostly because of its history and we believe in the work of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and the way they talk about it with their members.

About Planned Giving

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